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Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families now Available!

Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families‘ is the latest book from Irish Author, Gillian Powell M.Ed. We are delighted to announce that it is now available to purchase on the Primary School Shop! This book aims to support primary school teachers and early years educators to connect with outdoor nature during Winter. The book is aimed at children between the ages of 2-8 years old, suiting the younger classes in Primary school.

Gillian has over 32 years experience in the early years sector and in her teaching, emphasis was always on outdoors education. Gillian’s time with children in the outdoors afforded many learning opportunities in various means and ways. Using senses to hear, smell, touch and feel the nature on our doorstep. Furthermore, using items such as twigs, leaves, stones or insects to build, count or create!

Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities Book Contents

The latest book includes over 60 pages of activities and games that can be done with children during the Winter months. This includes various activities around math, science, literature and language, well-being and mindfulness. It also includes a number of different Christmas activities with the aim to promote a more sustainable approach to this festivity. Activities encourage the use of outdoor materials found in the garden or local park/woods to create beautiful Christmas cards, artwork and classroom decorations.

‘All research strongly advises us to get outside for our health. It benefits our immune systems, as well as mental and physical well-being. Thrive explores outdoor activities and fun learning opportunities to connect with your children and explore nature in Winter.’

Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families

Click the below video for a short glimpse of what is included in the latest book – Thrive Winter! Available on the Primary School Shop now for only €15.00!!

Thrive Winter Activities

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