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Thrive Spring Available Now on The Primary School Shop!

Thrive Spring is the fourth book in the Thrive series of books from Irish Author Gillian Powell M.Ed. This book aims to guide Primary School teachers and children to engage with nature and the outdoors in Spring.

With over 50 pages of activity ideas including activities that engage with the senses, teach maths, science, language and mindfulness. The book is suitable for children in the younger classes from Junior Infants up to second class.

Gillian Powell has over 32 years in the early years sector and used her knowledge to write these wonderful books. Gillian’s teaching always had an emphasis on outdoor education affording learning opportunities in many different ways.

The book encourages the use of natural materials while out exploring in Spring Time and includes ideas on how to create artwork such as nature bracelets, natural crowns and leaf art. This can be done using many materials found out in the school grounds or in nearby parks. This includes items such as leaves, flowers, pine cones, seeds, stones, flowers and sticks.

Using various natural materials allows the children to engage their senses and the book includes prompt questions to get the children thinking about the natural world around them. For sight ask questions such as, ‘Look at the sky, what do the clouds looks like?”. For sound teachers can ask, “Take a moment to breathe and listen – what can you hear?”. For touch, “Can you feel something rough, smooth, prickly or wet?”.

This new book is available now on the Primary School Shop for €15.00 along with the three other books in the series – Thrive SummerAutumn and Winter. You can check out the below snippet to give you an insight into what the latest book includes!

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