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Up to €15.00 off Klorsept and Klorkleen Disinfectant Tablets for a limited time only!

Young children sneeze, cough and drool and they also handle and hug objects, touch various surfaces (many times!) and put objects into their mouths. As we know by now the COVID-19 virus may be transmitted in various ways such as sneezing, coughing or touching a surface that may be contaminated with the virus. It is therefore vital that there is a comprehensive cleaning regime in place to ensure that the possible spread of any virus is kept to a minimum level. Since launching on the Primary School Shop both Klorkleen and Klorsept Effervescent Disinfectant Tablets have become a firm favourite with school cleaning staff. Manufactured in Ireland by Medentech, both cleaning products offer a gold standard in disinfectant tablets, with Medentech recognised as the only company in Europe to hold US EPA approval for efficacy against Clostridium difficile spores in 4 minutes. 

The Klorkleen and Klorsept family of cleaning and disinfecting tablets are used worldwide in hospitals, nursing homes and locations where the utmost level of cleanliness is critical. Each Klorkleen or Klorsept tablet makes up to 5 litres of general cleaning fluid. A concentration of one tablet to two litres of water is recommended for complete effectiveness against COVID-19. Klorkleen has the same ingredients as Klorsept with an extra ingredient to address areas that require a more powerful cleaning agent. If you have not tried these products yet, here is a great opportunity you can avail of until 31st October. All costs below are inclusive of VAT @ 21%.

  • Klorsept 17 (200 tablets) – usual cost €75; NOW €60 – SAVE €15
  • Klorkleen (150 tablets) – usual cost €75; NOW €60 – SAVE €15
  • Klorsept 17 Mini (25 tablets) – usual cost €14.25; NOW €10.25 – SAVE €4
  • Klorkleen Mini (25 tablets) – usual cost €15.45; NOW €11.45 – Save €4