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Music Inspiration for Primary School Classes

Are you looking for some music inspiration and education aids for your Primary School Class? Music is part of the Arts Education Curriculum for primary schools and includes three strands; Listening & Responding, Performing and Composing. According to the Primary School Curriculum Listening & Responding ‘emphasises the importance of purposeful, active listening in order to elicit physical, verbal, emotional and cognitive responses’.

Performing concentrates on the voice and how children can use it as their own instrument when starting off on their music learning journey. Learning simple rhymes and songs will give children the confidence to learn songs with more notes and from different styles, cultures and traditions. Finally, composing focuses on growing individual children’s creativity and uniqueness. This can be done by providing opportunities for the children to express themselves.

Music Inspiration Products at The Primary School Shop

At the Primary School Shop we have some wonderful music products suitable for use in primary school classes such as Funky Feet Music and Ceol Ireland Music Education. Funky Feet Music is a set of award winning CDs with teacher guides that will encourage children to learn through play and movement. The award-winning Ceol Music Education system focuses on musical fluency and teaching children the language of music.

Funky Feet Music: There are 5 albums in the Funky Feet range and each set comes with 20 songs on a CD and a guide showing the words and suggested actions for each song. This guide will help teachers encourage children’s creativity and active participation in music and movement.

All five albums contain a variety of music from around the world that include a toe tapping, foot stomping, thigh slapping, tummy tickling, hand clapping, instrument playing, parachute waving, fun filled learning experience for both teacher and children alike. Funky Feet Music is most suitable for the younger classes in Primary School.

Ceol Ireland Music Education: The award-winning Ceol music education system extends from pre-school through primary school. The programme focuses on musical fluency and teaching children the language of music: listening, reading and writing musically. It following the National Curriculum as each stage covers the three curriculum strands and units appropriate to each age level. This includes Listening & Responding, Performing and Composing.

There are eight stages for 8 different ages ranges between 5 and 12 years old. Each stage includes age-specific materials, lesson plans for a full school year, accompanying resource materials and musical tracks for listening & movement and songs & rhymes. Every 6 weeks the teacher watches a training DVD to prepare for each module.