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Six Great New Outdoor Products Now Available!

Introducing children to nature is a great way to learn more about the plants, insects and wildlife on our doorstep. At the Primary School Shop we are delighted to add to our outdoor learning range with 6 great new products. If you loved our live Butterfly Garden then you will love these products also. The products such as the Butterfly Feeder and the Wildflower Seeds encourage wildlife to your outdoor area. While the Giant Butterfly Garden allows children to experience first hand how caterpillars change into butterflies. Below is a list of the new products available!

New Outdoor Products Include:

  • Giant Butterfly Garden– The Giant Butterfly Garden is a bigger version of the much loved regular Butterfly Garden. You receive a larger enclosure measuring 45cm, caterpillar voucher to redeem 6-10 caterpillars and Painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines. Remember the caterpillars are shipped between March and September. So order now if you wish to carry out the process before the end of the school year!
  • Life Cycle Microscope – The Life Cycle Microscope allows children to zoom in on their favourite creatures with up to 8 times magnification. It features large, comfortable eyepiece lenses making it easy for young children to use. It has a large over sized knob for zooming. In addition, it has an LED light to showcase the details in the slides or on any other object being examined. It also includes four slides showing the amazing butterfly life cycle but slides are not required. You can place feathers, bugs, leaves and more directly on the illuminated base.
  • 3D Butterfly Stickers – These 3D Butterfly Stickers are highly life like and flutter in any small breeze. They are a great addition to any caterpillar to butterfly theme in a classroom setting. They are also ideal for decorating artwork or gifting to children as a job well done on the project completed! Each sheet includes 10 butterflies and 5 small flowers. Colour chosen at random (blue, green or red).
  • Butterfly FeederThe Butterfly Feeder hangs in your outdoor area, filled with nectar (sugared water), to attract butterflies to feed. Once the butterflies come to feed the children can use their magnifying glasses to carefully check out their patterns, features and different colours. This is a great addition to any Primary School looking to  encourage wildlife into the outdoor space for children to explore closely.
  • Ladybird Magnifier – The Ladybird Magnifier was thoughtfully designed with young children in mind. It is lightweight and sturdy, using the ladybird’s wings cleverly, opening out to reveal a lens offering 5 x magnification! This is a great product for children to carry with them as they go outside on their nature adventures!
  • Flower Seeds – This super mix of wildflower seeds includes a variety of different flowers including foxgloves, clover and forget-me-nots. These seeds have been specifically selected to benefit and attract butterflies to your outdoor area. This process helps children to understand the cycle of plants as well as learning how the flowers benefit nature as they help to feed the bees and butterflies.

All products are available NOW on the Primary School Shop!