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Save €€€!! Price Reductions on many products in our Safety and Hygiene Range!

We are delighted to announce some super price reductions across many of our Safety and Hygiene products on The Primary School Shop,  savings of up to €44.00 to be made! Firstly, we have the Steri-San Hand Sanitising Gel 5L reduced from to €59.00 to €49 – a super saving of €10.00! This is a great product for refilling your hand sanitiser stations and wall dispensers that may be placed around your school, be it indoors or outdoors. The sanitiser is in gel form and contains 70% alcohol and most importantly the product has been approved by The Department of Agriculture (PCS 100429) and is on the registered list for Biocidal Hand Sanitiser use in Ireland. 

If you are in need of a dispenser for your school you can now save €44.00 on a freestanding Sanitising Station with Dispenser. The unit was originally €289 and is now reduced to €245. This unit is made from high quality metal and measures 1.4 metres high, with a 400mm x 400mm footprint to ensure that it is kept steady and secure. The unit comes with a one litre hand sanitiser dispenser which is attached to the stand and can be refilled at your convenience. The unit is powder coated in blue and powder coating is renowned for keeping its coat for up to 20 years as it has a high resistance to chemicals, corrosion and weather. This unit will provide easy access for your staff and visitors to sanitise their hands as they come and go throughout the premises on a daily basis. The Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is a product that you can use wherever required in your school as each one comes with screws to allow you to fix it to a wall or solid upright. All staff members and visitors should be vigilant about keeping their hands clean with frequent hand washing and therefore the availability of hand sanitiser in places where it is not always possible to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water should be made available. Our Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispensers hold 500ml of hand sanitiser and have a window to allow you to see when it requires to be refilled. This product is now reduced to €32.00 from €39.00 – a savings of €7.00! 

We also have a great price reduction on disposable face masks. The white KN95 Face Masks are made of non-woven breathable fabric with adjustable nose bridge and a comfortable strap for a secure and snug fit and they provide very effective protection against bacteria, droplets and dust. These masks have the following certifications CE, FDA DFA Class – D373853 FFP2 NR EN 149:2991 + A1:2009 and are of the protection class KN95, which is equivalent to N95 and FFP2 standards. The masks were €45.00 for a pack of 10 masks and are now selling at €35.00 – which is a savings of €10.00! The masks can also be purchased singly – now at €3.95 per mask (previously €4.95)! 

The second style disposable mask is the Protective Disposable Surgical Mask. They were originally priced at €40.00 for one box of 50 masks and are now reduced to €30.00 per box – another great savings! These masks have a 3-ply filter, protecting from bacteria, dust and other virus particles that may be present in the air. They are excellent value and are recommended for single use in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. They are light blue in colour and have elasticated ear loops meaning that one size fits all. You can also purchase these masks singly at a reduced price of €0.70 per mask – previously €0.89 per mask.

Since launching, our Disposable Lightweight Polyethylene Aprons have proved very popular with schools and we are now delighted to be able to provide them at a reduced price of €13.50 per pack of 100, which is a savings of €5.00! (previously €18.50). These aprons are lightweight and waterproof and are very versatile. They will protect staff and their clothing when dealing with children who are ill. They can also be used by staff when doing arts and crafts with younger children to protect staff clothing. The aprons can be easily discarded after use reducing the risk of viral contamination of clothes. The Plastic Disposable Gloves come in a packet of 100 and like the aprons are a great product to have on hand for staff members in order to keep good hygiene standards within your school. Gloves should always be worn when providing personal care for young children. Ensure correct disposal of all gloves to ensure the risk of any virus is kept to a minimum. This product is now reduced by €1.00 per pack from €4.25 to €3.25. 

Finally, the price of the Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer has now been reduced by €10.00! This product is now selling at €54.50  and was originally priced at €64.50. This thermometer measures the body’s thermal radiation from a distance with no contact required. This is a very useful product for screening for a high temperature, which can be a symptom of many viral infections. This is a battery operated product (2 x AAA batteries) and can therefore be used anywhere. For more information on any of our products you can go to our website.

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Dew Products – Helping to minimise the spread of the Cold and Flu Virus this Winter!

As you know, good health and hygiene in your school is not just about COVID-19. We are currently heading into the Winter season where we will now have to encounter the circulation of cold and flu viruses as well as continue the fight against the COVID-19 virus. As with COVID-19 we need to ensure that we clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and practice good hand hygiene to minimise the spread of these viruses. The Dew product range available on The Primary School Shop can be used effectively against Colds and Flu viruses as well as COVID-19. There are a range of different sanitising and disinfectant products available from Dew that are all non-alcohol based, meaning they are safe for us and the environment and non-damaging to surfaces and objects. 

DEW sanister products carry no fire risk and are not harmful to your skin or lungs (if inhaled). This means that the product can also be ‘fogged’ to quickly decontaminate an enclosed space. This can be done by using the Room Sanitiser or, for smaller areas or vehicles, the Personal  / Car Dry Mister. Either unit is simply filled with the Dew Disinfect Refill (available in both 5 litre and 2.5 litre cans) which disperses a harmless dry mist that will sanitise the air in the area of the room or space that you place the unit, killing 99.995% germs and viruses including Cold and Flu viruses. One Room Sanitiser can sanitise the air in a room of 50 square meters in less than 30 minutes. Our star Dew product is the Air Spray Atomiser  which can be used in all areas, including close to food.

How do Dew Products work?

Dew products are made up of 99.84% water, salt (Sodium Chloride) 0.134% and FAC of 0.026%. FAC stands for ‘Free Available Chlorine’ and in Dew’s case FAC is comprised of two components, Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite. Hypochlorous acid is a substance that the human body itself naturally produces in order to fight infections. The Dew cleansers and disinfectants are made by passing electrical currents through a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) in a chamber fitted with a specially designed membrane. This process is known as electrolysis. When Dew (electrolysed water) comes into contact with bacteria the Dew molecules cause an imbalance on the bacteria cell surface, breaking down its defences allowing the Hypochlorous Acid to render it harmless.

Dew Products October Special Offers!

Our special October offers can save you €25.00 on the Dew Room Sanitiser including 2 x 5L Disinfect Refills! The original price for the Dew Room Sanitiser and 2 x 5L Disinfect Refills is €159.00 and for a limited time only you can now purchase for €134.00! You can also save €7.00 on the Personal/Car Dry Mister as it is now reduced from €39.50 to €32.50. We are also delighted to announce a new product bundle available, the Dew Air and 5L Disinfect Refill with a saving of €5. The Dew Air Spray can be used to disinfect and deodrise the air around you. You simply spray liberally to eliminate any impurities such as airborne yeast, pollen and mould spores. It is also effective against cold and flu viruses. It is ideal for anyone who suffers from hayfever and can also be sprayed on clothes, soft furnishings and  carpets to freshen up. When your bottle is empty you do not need to discard it but simply fill up again with the 5 Litre refill, encouraging services to reduce their plastic waste by reusing! Head to our Dew Product Range on the Primary School Shop for more information!