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Sports Day Medals Now Available!

Sports Day Medals now available at! Are you planning your end of year Sports Day? Do you need some nice awards for the children to congratulate them on the day? Our Sports Day Medals are new to our site and would make a great addition to your fun day.

The medals are made from metal and are available in gold, silver and bronze. They are 50mm in diameter and are embossed with a trophy and the word ‘Sports Day’. Each medal includes a beautiful Olympic Games coloured ribbon measuring 22mm wide and 395mm in length. These are ideal for awarding the children with at the end of the day.

A Sports Day is different to a normal school day and therefore sparks much excitement with the children. Children get the chance to show their skills and talents, as well as to support their classmates in various activities. The day should be fun for all children and include games, races and activities that suit all ages and abilities. With restrictions in place due to COVID-19, sports day may have to be done class by class or year by year depending on the size of the space available to you.

Top Tips for a Successful Sports Day!

Inspire Fun: The main thing is that children have fun while taking part in different games, races and activities on the day. Try to include yourself and other teachers in some of the activities (where restrictions allow) as the children will love that their teacher is involved!

Essentials: Ensure that the children have water available to them on the day. If the day is sunny ensure that they wear sunscreen and hats/caps.

Games & Activities: There are so many games and activities to choose from. Try to use a mix of different activities so that children get to practice balance, coordination, gross motor skills and team spirit. Egg and spoon, three legged and sack race are old time favourites but you can also include long races, obstacle courses, balancing races and much more.

Stations: Have a staff member or teacher to help manage the stations. They may need a whistle to begin/end each race or activity. This will help greatly for things to run smoothly and on time.

Congratulations and Awards: Ensure to put some time aside to thank all the children for their efforts. Awarding children for their effort and participation encourages children and boosts their confidence. Prize giving for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as prizes for taking part give children a huge sense of achievement and furthermore makes them feel motivated to keep on trying.

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