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Water testing can be important for many reasons. As part of your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the children in your service, make sure your drinking water is completely safe with Safe2O. There have recently been some outbreaks of e-coli infection in Early Years environments as well as some concerns around lead and other chemical contaminants.

The Safe2O drinking water test kit includes the equipment required to collect a usable sample for testing and a postage-free mailer to send in your sample. Your sample will then be analysed by a licensed water testing laboratory and Safe2O will provide easy-to-read documentation on your water quality, any health and safety concerns, and suggested next steps if any are required.

Your water test results are based on EU guidelines and cover a variety of different chemical and biological contaminants including e-coli, aluminium, iron, lead, and many other factors.

As part of your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the children in your service, it is a good idea to make sure your drinking water is completely safe and have documentation on hand showing your test results.

Safe, uncontaminated drinking water is very important for all of us, but it is essential for developing children. Excess levels of lead and other contaminants can cause developmental and health problems. In some cases this can be difficult to detect in the developing child, but contaminants may lead to problems with concentration and learning. Bacterial contamination can cause serious health problems, but even low levels of bacterial contamination can cause gastrointestinal issues.

Test the water in your service immediately! You will receive your results within 10 days of sending in your sample.

What Can Water Testing Kit Safe2O CHECK FOR?

  • ALUMINIUM – You cannot smell or taste aluminium in water.
  • AMMONIUM – Ammonium usually has a sharp, distinctive odour, but this may not be noticeable where levels are low.
  • COLOUR – A change in water colour – particularly to green or blue – can be a clear indicator of contamination.
  • CONDUCTIVITY – This is a measure of water’s ability to conduct an electrical current. You cannot see, smell or taste conductivity in water.
  • E.COLI – Any amount of E-Coli is dangerous. You cannot see or taste e-coli in water.
  • HARDNESS – Hard water causes soap and scaly deposits in plumbing and makes cleaning agents less effective.
  • IRON – A metallic taste, or a sample showing a red/orange tinge, can indicate high levels of iron.
  • LEAD – You cannot see or taste lead in drinking water. It is a dangerous contaminant, especially to pregnant women, babies and young children.
  • MANGANESE – Soot-like particles in a sample can mean a high level of manganese, which can be toxic to the nervous system.
  • NITRATE – You cannot see or taste nitrate in drinking water.
  • PH -A slippery feel or a soda taste can mean high pH levels, while low pH will cause corrosion of pipes and fixtures.
  • TOTAL COLIFORMS – You cannot see or taste coliforms in drinking water. Any amount of coliforms is dangerous.
  • TURBIDITY – Turbidity will be high if metals like iron are present in water. A cloudy appearance can indicate high levels of turbidity.
  • SULPHATE – A bitter taste in drinking water can indicate the presence of Sulphate, which can cause diarrhea and dehydration.

Safe2O is an Irish product and the laboratory testing is completed in Ireland. For further details go to www.Safe2O.ie


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