Thrive Summer Outdoor Nature Activities’ by Gillian Powell M.ED.



Thrive Summer Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families‘ is our latest product addition to The Primary School Shop. This book was written by Irish Author and Early Years Educator Gillian Powell M.Ed, who has over 30 years experience in the Early Years sector.

The book was written based on Gillian’s first hand experience with children and aims to guide and inspire teachers and their families to connect with the outdoors. The book has over 85 pages of outdoor nature activities that can be done with children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. Many of the activities include pictures as a visual aid to the activity ideas. This book makes a great resource for any Primary School teacher teaching the younger primary school classes to get inspiration and guidance on various summer outdoor nature activities.

Gillian says;

‘I believe that Summer is a time of abundance and imagination. This Summer edition of Thrive will explore nature and outdoor activities that will develop children’s cognitive and creative thinking. These activities have been tried and tested over thirty-two years working in an early years setting. The underlying principles of this book reinforce the importance of nature for children and families. Thrive continues to emphasise mindfulness and holistic emotional well being, for children and families.’

You can purchase this great new product on the Primary School Shop now along with a range of outdoor items to use at your school! Below is a short video that will give you a taster of the various activities and ideas that are included in the book.




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