Steady Teddy Go! A Series of Six Colourful A4 books



Steady Teddy Go is a great reading resource for the younger classes in Primary School. The books were designed by Irish company An Mála Mór and aim to teach English rhyming in a fun and educational way. Rhyming helps children to hear sounds in words which in turn is an introduction to phonics.

Each book introduces new vocabulary to the children using Teddy as the main character to take them on fun adventures! The beautiful illustrations encourage oral language, discussions and questions. At the end of each book there are a list of comprehensive questions that are the basis for hours of interaction with the children.

1. The T.V. Show
Teddy lets his imagination go wild and goes on T.V. adventures

2. Teddy has fun with Gran
Teddy spends time with his Gran looking at all the different vehicles in town

3. Teddy shops with Mum
Teddy goes shopping with Mum and creates quite a stir in each shop he visits

4. Teddy and the Hungry Witch
Teddy goes on a Halloween adventure and observes a witch and her trickery

5. Teddy visits the Farm
Teddy goes on a walk around the farm and meets and greets the farm animals

6. Teddy makes a mess
Teddy is playing indoors and while having fun he causes a mess for his Mum



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