Social Distancing Special Outdoor Bundle


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  • 1 x A1 laminated No Congregating Poster
  • 1 x Rigid ‘Footprint’ stencil
  • 6 X Spray Paint Primer (White)
  • 6 X Fluorescent Spray Paint (Choice of Colours)

Optional Extras:

  • A1 Snap Frame to Hold A1 No Congegrating Poster
  • A1 Stand One Sided (1 Poster)
  • A1 Stand Two Sided (2 Posters)
  • Arrow Stencil


The Social Distancing Special Outdoor Bundle is for schools to clearly mark and display outdoor areas so that parents/visitors adhere to COVID-19 social distancing measures. The Rigid “Footprint” Stencil and Spray Paints allow you to apply physical markers on the ground outside the entrance of the school. This will clearly mark where people should stand at drop-off and collection times. Each marker should be done two metres apart as per COVID-19 guidelines. As part of this bundle offer you also have the additional option to add in an Arrow Stencil to your bundle. The arrow stencil can be used to mark the ground where you would like to show the direction in which people should go.

The ‘No Congregating’ Laminated A1 Sign can be displayed in an area for all parents and visitors to clearly see. The poster informs parents to ‘LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY’. A firm message that is done in bright and colourful text and pictures in order to keep it child-friendly. This bundle offer also gives you the option to add a stand or a snap frame to display your A1 ‘No Congregating’ poster.

Additional information


Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Violet

Add Arrow Stencil?

No thank you, Add Arrow Stencil (+ €15)

Add Sign Holder?

No Thank You, Add Snap-Frame (+ €20), Add Outdoor Pavement Sign Holder (+ €100), Add Outdoor Pavement Sign Holder + Additional Poster (to be visible from both sides) (+ €125)


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