Room Mister with 2 X 5L Refills, get extra 5L Refill free

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The Room Sanitiser is a great way to clean and disinfect the air in a room while not in use using Dew Sanitiser. Dew disinfecting products are 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, while being completely free of harmful chemicals like alchohol, aldehydes, parabens and artificial colours and fragrances.

Act now to be prepared with our special offer on Room Misters – buy our bundle of a Room Mister plus 2 5-litre refill bottles, and get a third one free! Delivery for the Room Sanitiser is also free of charge!

The DEW Room Sanitiser is NOT a replacement for recommended cleaning routines. It is important that all floors, surfaces, toys etc. are cleaned regularly with the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting products. We provide a wide range of excellent products for these tasks. The Room Sanitiser is a supplement to your daily cleaning and disinfecting regimen. This compact humidifier disperses a completely harmless dry mist which sanitises the surrounding air that you breathe and looks stylish yet unobtrusive. The unit can be set to work continuously, by humidity or on a timer. One unit can sanitise a room of up to about 50m2 in less than 30 minutes. It can then be transferred to another location. It is recommended that this is done daily. The Dew ProBreeze sanitiser looks professional, and visually gives confidence and reassurance to carers and parents.


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