Hello Everyone A2 Outdoor Poster (Waterproof)



This A2 Hello Everyone poster is an image of a sign in a frame with brackets printed on thick, waterproof corriboard. It is suitable for putting outside at the entrance to your service. The poster is for the families of the children who attend your service and outlines the guidelines they need to follow in relation to any child who is unwell or may be showing signs of Covid-19. It is very important that this information is communicated well with parents before their children are allowed to enter the service. Corriboard is lightweight and environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. It can be wiped clean if disinfecting is required.

The text on the sign is as follows:
We hope you are all well today and ready to play!

Any child who is unwell with a fever, has a cold, influenza or infectious respiratory symptoms of any kind or displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19, needs to stay at home, contact their GP and seek their guidance on referral for Covid-19 testing.

Any child with symptoms of Covid-19 or who tests positive should quarantine at home for 14 days and only return to the service when the symptoms have fully resolved and with a doctor’s certificate stating that the child is no longer infectious.

Any child who is a close contact of a person who has or is suspected to have Covid-19 should stay at home and quarantine for 14 days even though the child feels well but it is possible that they are also infected. It can take 2 – 14 days to show symptoms, so it may take up to 14 days to know if they are infected or not. They should only return to the service with a doctor’s certificate to say they do not have Covid-19 and are not infectious.

Only parents or carers who are well and have no symptoms of Covid-19 or who have served the required quarantine time of 14 days where advised should drop off and collect children.

Thank you for your cooperation

Stay safe and have a great day!

Product Details: A2 Waterproof Poster made with corriboard. Suitable for outdoor display.

Includes: 1 x A2 Poster

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