Funky Feet: Pop Like Popcorn



Draw with your magic finger over the rainbow, stop off to help Mick to fix an
aeroplane, go spinning with Teddy, flying with friends, dancing with clowns as
well as sing along to traditional favourites. Learning through play makes
learning fun.


  • Funky Feet Music Manual will show you the words and suggested actions for each song.This guide will help you to encourage children’s creativity and active participation in music and movement.Includes 20 pages of instructions and comes in a clear plastic folder.
  • Each CD includes 20 songs for imaginative play.
  1. Welcome (Greeting and Movement)
  2. Nursery Rhyme Medley (Baa Baa, Hickory Dickory, Mary Mary, 12345)
  3. Colours of the rainbow (Colours, Sequencing, Echo Singing)
  4. Pirates Life for Me Pirate Song, Role Play and Counting)
  5. Elephants have wrinkles (World Music, Body Awareness, Sequencing)
  6. Bean bag song (Balance, Body Awareness, Handling Objects)
  7. Days of the Week (Movement, Sequencing and Alliteration)
  8. Mick the Mechanic (Role Play, People who help us)
  9. Jump, Jump, Jump (Gross Motor Movement, Echo Singing)
  10. This Big! How Big! (Humourous, Contrasting Size, Gross Motor)
  11. Time to spin (Balance and directional language)
  12. Driving a Police Car (Role Play, Positional Language)
  13. Help One Another (Helping with the jobs around the house)
  14. Legato Staccato (Instrumental) (Contrasting Movement, Parachute & Scarves)
  15. Wibble Wobble (Circle Dance, Directional Language)
  16. Dancing Clown (Reacting to Sound, Role Play, Contrasting Music)
  17. Learning Through Play (Bungee Dancing, Positional Language)
  18. Oh, When the Band (Instrumental Playing, Contrasting Loud and Quiet)
  19. Funky Groove (Echo Singing, Gross Motor)
  20. Magic Finger (Mark Making, Positive Touch and Relaxation)


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