Funky Feet: Learning Through Play (Bronze Award Winner 2013)



20 Songs to motivate children to move, developing both the body and brain. Jig like a pirate, Party with the dinosaurs, Crawl like a crab, Smile like a crocodile, Take a taxi ride and Dance with dough Reggae style. Pop like Popcorn makes learning fun!


  • Funky Feet Music Manual will show you the words and suggested actions for each song.This guide will help you to encourage children’s creativity and active participation in music and movement.
  • Each CD includes 20 Tracks
  1. Oh! When my… (High energy, Gross motor)
  2. Walk the balance beam (Balance, Gross motor, Directionality)
  3. Taxi Feet (Spatial awareness, Partner song)
  4. Goes like this Directionality, Memory & Sequencing )
  5. Fruit Salad Healthy eating, Fine motor exercise)
  6. Cowboys and Indians (Role play, Partner dance)
  7. Crocodile Smile (Healthy teeth, Spatial awareness)
  8. On the Beach (Core strength, Memory & Sequencing)
  9. Pirate Dance (Role play, Gross motor, Balance)
  10. Speed it up!
  11. Garden Creatures (Core strength, Creeping, Crawling)
  12. Jobs people do (Independent movement, Role play)
  13. Dinosaur Party (Creeping, Crawling, Jumping, Stomping)
  14. Reggae Play Dough (Fine motor skills, crossing midlines)
  15. Pop like Popcorn (Parachute, Colours, Eye tracking, Team work)
  16. Riggity Jig (Circle dance, travelling fast & slow)
  17. Hey Now! (Positional language, Counting)
  18. Cha Cha Cha (Crossing midlines, Positional language)
  19. Chick-a-chick (Role play, Singing)
  20. La Bamba (Dance, Sing and do your thing)


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