Best Ever Bug Jar from Insect Lore


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Best Ever Bug Jar from Insect Lore is another great new product that is now available on the Primary School Shop.  The Insect Lore Best Ever Bug Jar allows children to get up close and personal with the bugs and insects they find on their nature hunt. They can collect the bugs and insects and place them into their jar without the risk of them running off or up their sleeve!! Once the children have had a chance to explore the bugs as they creep about the container they can then safely release them.

The jar has an easy-grip leaf design screw top lid with breathable mesh to keep those little critters safe and secure! The jar is made from shatterproof plastic, is escape proof and includes a comfy handle for those little hands! Kids will love exploring with this jar as they are about in the garden, woods or local park. It can also be used on a camping or beach trip to collect pebbles, shells or sand. The jar includes an anatomically correct ladybird also that they can use to explore before any outdoor adventure begins!

Best Ever Bug Jar Includes:

  • 1 x anatomically correct ladybird to play with before they begin any outdoor adventures.
  • Jar measures approx. 12.5cm tall with handle down, or 17cm with handle raised.  Width 10.5cm.
  • Made of plastic, no glass.
  • Ages 4+

You can purchase the Best Ever Bug Jar on the Primary School Shop now!



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