Spray Paints

High quality spray paints suitable for outdoor and indoor use. We recommend these paints for use with stencils such as our durable thick perspex ‘Footprint’ stencil to mark standing points for social distancing.

To achieve best results outdoors, we recommend using a primer, this will help the paint to adhere to all surfaces better and will make your marks much longer-lasting through weather and foot traffic.

After using primer, use a fluorescent high-visibility spray paint for maximum visibility on light days and dark.

For painting inside, we recommend using a water-based spray paint. These paints are semi-permanent and can be more easily removed. They are also more suitable for indoor use because they have a lower level of VOC fumes.
Due to the high requirement for many of our safety products, we may need to substitute with alternate brands if necessary to be able to fulfill your orders. However, we do undertake that we will not compromise on quality and will notify you if there are any delays with deliveries.

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Showing all 3 results