Bunting Flags

Bunting Flags help children’s emerging literacy and numeracy. All our bunting flags are made of a string of triangular high-quality plastic flags measuring 210mm x 300mm. These are wonderful decorations for any room and are a great way of supporting children’s learning. The bunting flags are all double-sided so the message, letters or numbers are visible from both sides, which means you can hang the bunting across the room to be seen from either side rather than just on the wall.


We know that literacy ’emerges’ gradually in the early years and this development is supported by sounds, repeating words, reading stories, labelling in the environment and the gradual introduction to letters and words. This bunting helps children become familiar with letter shapes and sounds. Looking, talking about and singing about the letters help develop pre-literacy skills.


In early childhood, the development of numeracy is supported by children hearing and seeing the language of mathematics in play by singing number rhymes (1, 2, buckle my shoe) (1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive) . Having numbers displayed within the service helps children become familiar with the language of mathematics and with pre-numeracy skills.

Play and children’s early learning

Play is a vital component for children’s early learning, helping children to develop and demonstrate verbal communication, social skills, imaginative thinking, and problem-solving capacity. The alphabet and numbers bunting can be used in play and games. Depending on the interests of the children you can introduce different games and activities around letters. Can they identify letters from their names? Can they find the letter that makes a particular sound? Can they find letters that have certain shapes? Which letters are round? Which letters are pointy?

Birthday Celebrations

The Happy Birthday Bunting Flags contain a two-pack so you can show the HAPPY BIRTHDAY message in two places in your service. It’s important to mark these special days with a lot of fanfare and remind the birthday child how special they are! It is a great self-esteem booster, it supports friendship, creates memories and helps children learn how to take turns as they wait for their big day to arrive.

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