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Personalised Face Masks with School Name or Logo!

Personalised Face Masks are available to order for Primary Schools! Are you looking to personalise face masks for the staff at your school? At the Primary School Shop you can purchase reusable masks and have your school logo or name printed onto them.

The masks are made from two layers of 95% cotton and 5% Elastine. The material is Jersey with an antimicrobial agent and is also water repellent. There are double loops to suit all sizes and masks are 32cm x 12cm.

It is already quite common to see companies printing and personalising clothing. Items such as caps, t-shirts and tops all with the company name or logo for staff to wear. Face masks have become a popular item for personalising over the last year. As a mask is worn everyday it is a unique way of either spreading a positive message or promoting a cause. In addition, it is a nice way of presenting a professional and uniform look. This shows that staff are all part of the one team!

Personalised Face Masks Create a sense of Team Spirit!

Having a strong identity can create a sense of team spirit among Primary School staff while creating a professional image. Having your masks personalised to tie in with your identity is a great way to further promote your school, along with encouraging staff to reuse masks instead of disposing of them.

The masks can be washed in a washing machine at up to 60 degrees Celsius. Printed images can be in white or full colour and can be located on the right, left or in the centre of the mask. If you are looking to customise face masks specifically for your service you can order now! The masks are available on the Primary School Shop now in navy or black. Once you place your order a member of staff will be in touch to arrange what name or logo you would like to have on them.

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