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NEW! Aistear A3 Wipe Clean Poster with Themes, Aims & Learning Goals!

Aistear A3 Wipe Clean Poster is now available! We are delighted to announce this fun and colourful A3 Aistear Poster! It displays all four Aistear themes and corresponding aims and learning goals!  This poster can be hung in classrooms (Junior/Senior Infants) where teachers require quick access to the Aistear curriculum framework during the day. Our Aistear Poster is A3 size and is laminated, so it is durable and easy to wipe clean.

See Aistear Poster

The Aistear curriculum framework is specified by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It acts as a guide to early years education from birth to 6 years old. The Aistear framework is divided into four overall themes (Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, and Exploring and Thinking). Each theme is broken down into four aims and each aim has six learning goals. It can be impractical to refer to books or websites when teachers need to refer to the framework quickly and often. Therefore, the Aistear A3 Poster is ideal for teachers to have all the Aistear information quickly and easily available to them. It also demonstrates the use of the Aistear framework within the classroom.

More A3 Wipe Clean Posters Available on The Primary School Shop!

We have a range of A3 Wipe Clean posters on the Primary School Shop that are ideal for any primary school classroom. This includes posters to help remind teachers and children of important tasks during the day. This includes the appropriate steps that should be taken for the correct hygiene etiquette. The children’s posters are colourful and fun and include pictures and text to allow for those who are not reading yet. The posters available on the shop are;

All posters are A3 and laminated for high durability and allow for spray cleaning as and when required. These posters are all available at the Primary School Shop now!

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