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Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens – A great way to connect with nature this Spring!

Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens are a low-cost educational kit for raising butterflies from caterpillars. If you are looking to explore the theme of Metamorphosis this Spring in your classroom, this product is a brilliant addition to your learning material.

Children will get the opportunity to observe and think about change (metamorphosis) as well as getting real life connection with a caterpillar’s journey to becoming a butterfly!

Caterpillars are available to order between March and September every year. Outside of this time it is too cold for them. The whole process takes approximately 4 weeks. Over a period of 2-3 weeks the children can watch their caterpillars eat and grow. There is no need to feed them at this point as all the food they need is contained inside the tub you will receive.

The children will notice them getting bigger and bigger until they go into chrysalides. They will stay there for a number of days before emerging into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. Once the butterflies emerge they can be fed with the sugar water provided. Additionally, they can be fed with some freshly cut fruit such as oranges. After 2-3 days the whole class can bring the butterfly habitat outside to release the butterflies to make their own way in nature!

Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens – All You Need to Raise Your Caterpillars!

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden includes everything you and the children need to raise your very own butterflies. The kit includes a butterfly habitat with clear mesh (pop up), feeding pipette and full instructions. In addition, a voucher to redeem your first group of caterpillars (online) is included. You will receive between 3-5 caterpillars with this voucher.

If you would like a larger version – we have the The Giant Butterfly Garden. This kit has a 45 cm butterfly habitat clear mesh (pop up), feeding pipette, painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines and full instructions. It includes a voucher to redeem the caterpillars online for a larger amount of between 6-10 caterpillars. Once your order for the caterpillars is placed they will arrive approximately one week from the stated dispatch date. 

If you have purchased a Butterfly Garden previously but would like to do the process again this year, you can simply buy a Voucher for Refill Cup of Caterpillars. With this voucher you can then go online to the Insect Lore website to redeem your voucher. To get started see below short animated video that shows how the life cycle process works with the Butterfly Garden!