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Have You Ordered Your Caterpillars Yet?

Have you ordered your caterpillars yet? If you would like your class to experience first hand the wonder of caterpillars transforming into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies then now is the time. Between March and September every year you can order live caterpillars and watch them grow until they emerge as butterflies!

If you have previously carried out the process then the only thing you will require this year is a Voucher for a Refill Cup of Caterpillars. With this voucher you can order 3-5 caterpillars that will be delivered within 7-10 days of the stated dispatch date.

If you have not previously done the process then you will require either a Butterfly Garden or a Giant Butterfly Garden. The Butterfly Garden includes a mesh butterfly habitat, feeding pipette and a voucher to redeem 3-5 live caterpillars. The Giant Butterfly Garden includes a larger mesh habitat, feeding pipette, life cycle figurines and a voucher to redeem 7-10 live caterpillars.

Have Your Ordered Your Caterpillars – What Else Do We Need?

You should have all you require within the Butterfly Garden or Giant Butterfly Garden to experience the process from beginning to end. At the Primary School Shop we have a number of products that you could use as props or to enhance the process within the classroom.

Big Bunch O’ Butteflies includes 18 different types of butterflies that you can use to introduce to the children so they can explore what they look like. If you are expanding your Life Cycle theme to other bugs and insects you might also like the Big Bunch O’ Bugs set. It includes 18 realistic bugs such as beetles, flies and spiders.

The Butterfly Feeder is a great way to encourage nature into your outdoor area and may even attract the butterflies you release to stay in the area! To begin you can watch this short video to get the children thinking about the whole process!

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