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Exploring the Life Cycle Theme with a Giant Butterfly Garden!

Exploring a Life Cycle theme is a great way for children to learn about the different stages of life for plants, bugs, insects or flowers. It also teaches them about change. Children are curious by nature and they like to know how things work and how things happen.

Responding to a child’s questions in greater detail can help them to understand how a seed grows into a plant, how a tadpole turns into a frog or how a caterpillar grows into a butterfly. If you are planning a Life Cycle theme in your classroom this Spring or Summer you will love these great resources from Insect Lore!

The Giant Butterfly Garden includes all that you need to explore a Caterpillar to Butterfly Life Cycle theme. Included is a 45 cm butterfly habitat clear mesh (pop up), feeding pipette, painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines and full instructions. In also includes a voucher to redeem your batch of 6-10 caterpillars online.

Exploring the Life Cycle with Real Life Connection

Making a real life connection helps the children understand the process as they watch it happen in real time! They will get to see the caterpillars feeding and growing bigger each week. After that they will experience the caterpillars changing into a chrysalis before they emerge a few days later as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!

Once the butterflies emerge they will have the opportunity to feed them for a couple of days before releasing them back into nature! This whole process takes approximately 4-5 weeks and will also help children to understand the time it takes for these things to happen.

Exploring Seed to Flower

Another great way to explore the life cycle is by exploring plants and flowers. Plant seeds such as our Flower Seeds in your outdoor area or within the classroom in containers that can be left near the window. A simple but effective way of teaching the children the life cycle of a plant from seed to flower.

Use the Life Cycle Microscope to allow children to explore various items up to 8X magnification! You can place seeds, leaves, flowers or insects on the illuminated base to get an up close look at the items you are exploring in class! Four slides displaying the fascinating butterfly life cycle are included with the microscope.

If you have previously purchased a Butterfly Garden but would like to do the process again this year, simply purchase a Voucher for Refill Cup of Caterpillars. You can then go online to the Insect Lore website to redeem your voucher.