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Explore the Outdoors with Excellent Educational Resources!

Explore the outdoors with your classroom in the final term of the year! With May upon us and the weather becoming warmer it is the ideal time to get outside with your class. The outdoors presents many learning opportunities for young children – both mentally and physically. Children will have exposure to Vitamin D and the opportunity for movement to improve gross motor skills.

Being outdoors can help children mentally as it can improve mood and regulate emotions. Simply being in the outdoors can relax children and give them a break from the everyday routine. They also have the opportunity to improve self esteem and confidence as they move around exploring and learning as they go.

If you are looking for some resources to help with your outdoor learning then look no further! At the Primary School Shop we have created a category especially for ‘Exploring Nature with Children’. In this section you will find a number of various resources that will enhance the outdoor learning environment. This includes resource books, kits and educational items.

Explore the Outdoors with Insect Lore

We have a great range of educational products from Insect Lore. The Best Ever Bug Jar allows children to collect items while on a nature hunt. Then they can take an up close look at a bug or insect without the worry of it creeping up their arm! The Creature Peeper is also a great resource that allows children to explore bugs, insects, leaves and petals up close. Children can simply place any item they wish into the holder for a closer look and easily release them when they have finished.

The Giant Butterfly Garden is an excellent educational resource that allows children to experience firsthand the life cycle of caterpillar to butterfly. Watch as the caterpillars eat and grow, go into chrysalises and emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies! Children will love the opportunity to feed the butterflies when they emerge and then let them go out into the wild to begin the process all over again!

Inspiration from Thrive Outdoor Nature Books

If you are looking for some inspiration to connect with the outdoors you will love the Thrive Book Bundle. This set of four books was written by Irish Author and Early Years Educator Gillian Powell, M.Ed. The aim of the books is to inspire and guide early years educators and primary school teachers to connect with nature during each season. Each book represents a season – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

There are over 50 pages in each book of activity ideas using natural materials, nature and the outdoors. The activities are centred around math, science, well being, language, sensory and many other areas. The books are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. Therefore, they would suit the younger classes of Junior Infants through to second class. Check out the video below on Thrive Summer to give you a brief insight!

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