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Ensure You Have Enough Time To Raise Butterflies!

Ensure you have enough time to raise Butterflies next term! If you are looking to do a Life Cycle Project with the children in your class after Easter here are some great tips to get you started! Firstly, you will need to order your Butterfly Garden that includes all you require to carry out the process!

Inside the Butterfly Garden box you will receive a Butterfly habitat, feeding pipette and a voucher to redeem your cup of live caterpillars. With your voucher you can go online to and order your live caterpillars. Caterpillars take approx 7-10 days to ship from the dispatch date stated on the Insect Lore website.

If you already have a Butterfly habitat from before then you will only need to order more caterpillars. Refill Vouchers can be purchased separately on the Early Years Shop. Once you receive the caterpillars the process will take about 3-4 weeks. 

This includes observing the caterpillars eat and grow until they are ready to go into chrysalises. Enough food is included in the tub you receive the caterpillars in so there is no need to give them anything else! Once they’ve had plenty to eat and have grown enough they will climb to the top of the cup where they will hang from the lid in a ‘J’ shape.

This is where they will become Chrysalides. At this point of development it is very important not to disturb them. Once they have been hanging for three days you can move them into the habitat. Thereafter, they will emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies. The children can then feed them for a couple of days before releasing them back into the wild. Watch the below video for more information on caring for your Chrysalis!

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